XPERIENCE a variety of "mission", mission-related issues, and people involved in mission

XTEND your hand of friendship and service to people of a different culture…maybe even a different faith

XPAND your mind as you encounter different ways of thinking, communicating and behaving.

XAMINE your values, priorities, commitments and responsibilities in relation to people of other cultures as well as those dedicated to global mission

XERCISE your faith as you cross culture boundaries and are Xposed to Xtremes in climate, geography, quality of life, religions customs, and global issues, and more

XPLORE God's word and world as you search for the fullness of Christian mission

"The experience of being removed from my comfortable lifestyle and placed in an environment where my only support came from God gave me the chance to really hear what God was saying."Kevin Buzzard, PHILIPPINES

"Being a part of the Xtreme team has impacted my life in ways that I would have never imagined ... It ignited a flame ... to do mission... I now have a great passion for life and for the people of God." Natasha Bradley, INDIA

"Being on the Xtreme Team has been on of the highlights of my walk with God, and has increased my faith in what God can do if we just take the first step."Bunyan Cocar, SOUTH AFRICA

"The Xtreme Team mission adventure opened my eyes in understanding that the call to Christian discipleship is a call to change, to date to be different, to live a life that is to the fullest.. to the xtreme!"Ang Sprock, REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA

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